TERMINALFOUR’s Enterprise Content Management to Power SUNY Empire State College’s Web Presence

July 2010 –

  • Its courses are delivered to 18,000 students in 41 locations
  • Empire State College’s strategy is to redefine its entire on-line operations and communications infrastructure

TERMINALFOUR, one of the world’s leading web content management companies, today announced that is has signed a contract to provide its Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) to New York based SUNY[1] Empire State College. TERMINALFOUR’s Site Manager software will play an integral role in Empire State Colleges’ strategy to redefine its entire on-line operations and communications infrastructure. The college’s ultimate goal is to deliver a new web presence that provides a seamless avenue to all online activity for all students, faculty, and staff.

Empire State College is a multi-site institution that is focused on mature and distant learner students. Its courses are provided to 18,000 students in thirty-five locations in the State of New York and six international sites. Empire State College Centre for International Programs currently has special curriculums for students in the Lebanon, Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic and Greece.

The college’s growing student body, new international partnerships and new strategic plan required it to review its content and communications architecture. Empire State College needed an ECMS to help them use their content smarter, and to eliminate the duplicated, disparate and siloed nature of information across college locations. The college also wanted a solution that enables it to create a personalised web and mobile experience for facility and students, and prospective students worldwide.

TERMINALFOUR’s flagship product – TERMINALFOUR Site Manager – is in the process of being implemented across the entire organisation. Its highly scalable and user-friendly functionality allows Empire State College to cohesively integrate many information resources, including course content, website material and digital assets. As part of the site rollout, the college will provide personalised dashboards for every community member, enabling students to create tailored content, including updates from the Learning Management System,(LMS) events calendars and other personal apps.

Stephen Simon, Assistant Director, Infrastructure, Office of Integrated Technologies, Empire State College said, “The goal is to deliver a new web presence for the college. As the website is becoming our communications hub and mode of service delivery, we needed it to be more engaging, interesting and dynamic.”

“TERMINALFOUR understood our objectives for the website. With almost sixty higher education clients worldwide, we knew TERMINALFOUR was best suited to support our unique drivers. It’s been a true partnership since day one,” he concluded.

Piero Tintori, CEO and founder, TERMINALFOUR, said, “Faced with an exponential growth in information, a fragmented user base and growing demands for interactive applications, Empire State College has embraced ECMS to become a completely joined-up and collaborative institution. In a highly competitive marketplace like higher education, engagement and personalisation are critical success factors, and it has developed an online presence that’s a real vehicle for growth.”