Destination Five Continents for TERMINALFOUR

With an enviable global customer base, a drawer full of industry awards and a R&D function that continues to produce ground breaking solutions for the management of complex content online, TERMINALFOUR is up there with Ireland’s most successful IT companies of the last decade. TERMINALFOUR launched its flagship web content management system TERMINALFOUR Site Manager, in 2001 and has since grown its client base to include more than 300 customers worldwide in higher education, Government and international bodies, finance and retail organisations. In 2011, exports accounted for 91% of new business revenue.

TERMINALFOUR founder Piero Tintori first approached Dublin Business Innovation Centre (Dublin BIC) in February 2009, having traded successfully in Ireland for nearly eight years providing a number of university and public sector clients with web content management solutions. Although the business was performing well, it required investment to allow it maximise its potential to service a growing global market.

Within two months the Dublin BIC consultants assigned to TERMINALFOUR had worked with Piero to bring the company to a point that it was considered investor ready. The process involved analysing the business from its structures to its market, working with the team to revise the business strategy and helping to forecast TERMINALFOUR’s future requirements.

The result of this process was €1.6 million raised in equity and grant funding. The investment came from the Dublin BIC managed AIB Seed Capital Fund and the Ulster Bank Diageo Venture Fund managed by NCB Ventures, along with additional grant aid provided by Enterprise Ireland. The investment enabled TERMINALFOUR to grow its sales, R&D and client support teams as well as launch a new product which would become an industry leader.

The company is now a leading content management provider and is also a huge success story in terms of employment with the current number at 65 and rising. Home spun indigenous employment at this scale in recessionary times shows how with the right management team and leadership our technology companies can overcome local issues and compete in a world market.

“Our decision to seek out strategic assistance and funding in 2009 was a very significant turning point for TERMINALFOUR. The speed with which we were able to complete this process, thanks in no small part to the work of Dublin BIC, enabled us to establish an industry leader position within a number of carefully chosen business sectors and this has been a cornerstone of our success”, said Piero Tintori.
Today the US continues to be a strong growth market for TERMINALFOUR, and particularly the higher education market, where a significant number of new wins bring the total worldwide university client count to 100. Entering new markets will continue to be a focus in 2012, and TERMINALFOUR recently won its first customers in South Africa and Hong Kong as well as opening its first office in Sydney, Australia. It now has operations based in Dublin, Boston, London and Sydney.