Dublin BIC will be actively partaking in the EBN Annual Congress

27 March 2013 Dublin BIC will be actively partaking in the EBN (the European Business & Innovation Centre Network) Annual Congress this year

This year the 22nd Congress  is being hosted in Northern Ireland. An “Unconventionnal event”, that is what you are expected to experience in Derry-Londonderry

2013 is the year for Derry-Londonderry as first UK city of Culture so with  this specific context EBN and their partners NORIBIC (Northern Ireland Business and Innovation Centre) have decided to take a “festival/unconventional” approach in order to make out of it event to be remembered for inspiring creativity and innovation, through a cultural platform.

The Millenium Forum located in the city centre will welcome the participants who will have the opportunity to visit relevant Villages areas according to their own interests

The Digital Village
This area will focus on Digital Innovation and will try to answer to the following issues:

  • How the digital content sector can be developed and grown to address new business opportunities in the 21st century economy.
  • What innovative methodologies can be utilised by BICs to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of digital content businesses?
  • How can traditional businesses adopt and utilise digital technologies to develop their business models?

The Cultural Village
All regions have their own unique culture. This creates a business opportunity that can be used to considerable economic advantage.

  • What innovative approaches can be taken by the BICs towards ensuring that cultural activities can be made sustainable?
  • Can traditional businesses adopt cultural innovation processes to drive forward their businesses?

The Innovation Village
Particularly in a recession economy, the opportunity for start-up can be limited through many factors – market, finance, staff or customer base. By thinking innovatively, the business model can be translated from a traditional profit taking model to a surplus making model such as social enterprise.

  • What innovative approaches can be taken by the BICs towards supporting social enterprises?
  • Can traditional businesses adopt social innovation processes to drive forward their businesses?
  • How can social cohesion be promoted  through adoption of social innovation?


Case studies of innovative processes adopted by BICs in their support of Digital/Cultural/ Social businesses and successful business exemplars. Examples of Digital, Cultural-Traditional business crossover models as well as Examples of sustainable Social Enterprises will be showcased.

More detailed information very soon on www.ebncongress.eu