Call for Applications for Competitive Start Fund for the Digital Content Sector

02 September 2013 – Enterprise Ireland has launched a new Competitive Start Fund for the Digital Content Sector. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 11th September, 2013.

The Competitive Start Fund is targeted at start up and early stage companies from the Digital Content Sector.  The Fund will provide these young companies with the critical early stage funding to achieve the key commercial and technical milestones that will ensure delivery of their product or service and/or will get their project to a key funding milestone.


This call is open to:

  • Companies who are active in the Digital Content Sector including companies in the development of both content and platform technologies including cloud computing and data analytics in the areas of Media & Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Retail and Financial Services
  • Individuals who will register a company prior to Enterprise Ireland’s investment, which will be active in these sectors.

What is the maximum funding available? 

The selected companies will receive a maximum investment of €50,000 for a 10% ordinary equity stake in the start-up company.  The investment will be released in two equal tranches.  The Company will be required to secure additional equity investment of €5,000, from promoters or external investees, prior to the release of EI’s first tranche.

In addition to €50,000 equity investment, successful applicants for this call will be awarded a place on SPRINT, a specifically designed 6 month development programme. .

SPRINT sets out to fundamentally change the way Irish start-ups are built by equipping founders with the tools to get to product-market-fit faster. It combines Silicon Valley gurus and local expertise to provide a systematic way of helping founders learn what customers want more quickly.

The greatest challenge startups face is to deliver products that customers want and are prepared to pay for (‘product-market fit’). Discovering that group of customers is a risky business of trial and error. The timeline to find these customers is tight and the runway is limited.  SPRINT has one clear objective – to equip founders with the tools to get to product-market fit and paying customers quicker.

Getting to product-market fit removes uncertainty.  But it’s also one of the hardest things to crack. Over the course of 6 months, the SPRINT team will guide and challenge companies through a rigorous process to get to product-market fit and those all important paying customers quickly.

How do companies apply?

Applications must be made through the Enterprise Ireland online application system.

For more information: