Geeklist’s #Hack4Good hosted by the Guinness Enterprise Centre

19 February 2014 – Geeklist’s #Hack4Good 0.5 Global took place this February in 50 cities across the world.

The event was hosted by the Guinness Enterprise Centre, with sponsors Sigmar Recruitment estimating the hackathon’s participants donated about €20,000 worth of work to the selected causes.

20 developers and designers worked together for 48 hours on five tech-based projects for charities and non-government organisations (NGOs).  The “winner” of the weekend was team Siltin, who worked on a brief from humanitarian agency GOAL, to devise an SMS-based system for villages in Sierra Leone to source sanitation supplies, which also encouraged competition among suppliers in order to keep costs low.

Offering tech talent the chance to do something good for the world is exactly what Aaron Craig did as chief organiser of Dublin’s #Hack4Good. For him, it’s a no-brainer that entrepreneurs would be the very people to participate in a pro bono hackathon – after all, a person that’s willing to sacrifice a weekend to do unpaid work is likely the same person that’s willing to accept half of their market value to be a programmer working on something that they really believe in.

Source:  Elaine Burke, Silicon Republic