Elivar in the News Today

3 March 2014 – LEADING the field in the development of sports nutrition products for the over 35s, Guinness Enterprise Centre client Elivar featured recently in the Irish Examinar.

Inspired by a surge in the number of older people taking up sports including cycling and running, Elivar duo Donal Hanrahan and Len Dunne are leading the way in nutritional products for older athletes.

The company produces three products, Prepare, to be taken before endurance sessions, Endure for during, and Recover for after. Starting with a soft launch on the internet in August, the company tested the market and got feedback. Raising €700,000 in funding at the end of the year allowed the company to step up a gear and take on two employees.

Elivar has now signed three distribution deals including one with Wholefoods, which supplies the health food and pharmacy sectors in Ireland and two others with UK-based companies. Using Facebook and Twitter to develop brand recognition, Elivar is now working with distributors with the aim of gaining entry into some of the large retail stores selling sports nutrition products.

Elivar plans to raise further funding later in the year in order to export into northern Europe including Holland and Germany.

Although the company is just starting out, Mr Hanrahan has very ambitious plans. “Our aim is to own this category and be the sports nutrition brand for this age group across all sports.’’

Long may the success continue!

Full article available here

Source: Trish Dromey, The Irish Examiner