The EBAN Congress comes to Dublin

12 May 2014 – 14th Annual EBAN Congress “The Power of the Collective: Business Angels, Seed Funds, Accelerators & Incubation Space”

The annual EBAN congress, taking place on 19th – 20th may,  comes to Dublin this year for the first time with an anticipated 350 attendees and is the largest gathering of angel investors in Europe.

7 Billion Euros of investment in European early stage businesses annually mean a healthy community of investors believing in European start-ups. Many of these investors will meet in Dublin for a lively debate between peers and you are invited to join and contribute with your own insights.

Join the EBAN community – powered by the local organisation of HBAN, the Business Angel Federation on the Island of Ireland and exploit the power of the collective which will gather in the same venue different stakeholders for a common goal: smarter investments!

The EBAN Congress takes place on 19th – 20th May in Dublin.  More information about the Congress is available at or you can register here.