MBA Association of Ireland – Entrepreneur Evening

23 May 2014  – The MBA Association of Ireland (MBAAI) in conjunction with the Guinness Enterprise Centre is hosting an Entrepreneurship Evening on the 27th May from 6pm.

The audience are the (kindly) dragons – offering their wisdom instead of their cash as start-ups from the GEC pitch their wares in front of a panel of experts, with the MBAs from the floor sharing their knowledge also. The event, which concludes with a wine reception and networking, ties in with the fact that the MBA Association has been running a mentor programme with the Centre for a number of years.

The panel:   Gary O’Sullivan (Pathfinder Consulting), Jacques Henry Bezy (mentor, Bespoke and Beyond consultants), Richard Morton (investment manager DBIC), John Phelan (manager, Halo Business Angels Partnership)

The start-ups: Huggity, Lumafit, Legalshine
Entry is free but please register at