The GEC Launches New Flexible Office Space – Co-Work@GEC

24 June 2014 – Getting cabin fever from working from home but not ready to make the move to a full office space? Then a co-working space could be the perfect solution. Co-working is a relatively recent innovation whereby small businesses and independent contractors operate out of a shared office or other working space. Below are some of the reasons why co-working is becoming an increasingly popular option among Ireland’s emerging entrepreneurs:

Just by showing up for work every day, you’ll find yourself networking, getting to know key personnel in other start ups across a wide range of fields. You’ll gain access to a diverse range of skill-sets and the possibility of joint ventures and other fruitful collaborations.

Let’s face it, working from home, can be isolating. In a co-work space you are surrounded by like-minded people facing the same challenges as you. Interacting with your co-workers, bouncing ideas off them, even grabbing a bite to eat occasionally, can be of immense benefit to your overall state of mind.

Co-working spaces usually have facilities such as meeting and conference rooms where you can conduct client meetings. Making a good impression is always important, and conducting meetings in your co-work meeting rooms will impress clients more than trying to pitch your business round your kitchen table or in a noisy café.

Because costs are spread out across a number of people, co-work spaces can provide facilities (e.g. Wi-Fi) at a fraction of the price that you would pay in your home office. Co-work spaces can also provide you with a virtual and physical business address which generally conveys a more professional image to prospective clients than a home address.

As well as providing a space in which you can work, many co-working spaces organise regular events such as seminars for participants, on a range of topics. These events and the discussion that they foster can be a real spur to creativity. Getting insights into how other highly motivated people work can give you a fresh perspective on your own business.

Finally, a co-working space can be an effective compromise in terms of costs between working from home and finding expensive office space to rent. A traditional office contract often ties you into long term leases, insurance, utility bills and the like whereas co-working spaces tend to offer more flexible terms.

Companies can now avail of a virtual office address in the Centre and access to the Co-Working Space up to 5 times per month. The Virtual Office facility is ideal for Companies that require an address without the expense of office space.
Benefits include:

  • A Virtual Office Address
  • Co-Working Space up to 5 days per month with desk and WIFI connection
  • Discounted rates on all Meeting & Conference Room Facilities
  • OnSite Café Facilities
  • Mail and small packets will be accepted and forwarded on to your preferred address
  • Telephone callers will be directed to your nominated telephone number

For further details e-mail: or call 01 4100 600