Highlights of the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp

14 November 2014 – Here’s  some highlights of last weeks Silicon Stroll Bootcamp, hosted by Dublin BIC as part of the European Investor Gate project.  The event welcomed 50 tech entrepreneurs to Dublin for a day event which included a tour of Google, IBM & PayPal followed by pitch battles and entrepreneurial workshops.

Rory Caren (IBM), John Phlan, Tara Beshoff (DBIC) Pady Flynn (Google)

Rory Caren of IBM and Paddy Flynn of Google launch the event with Dublin BIC team members John Phelan and Tara Beshoff


Getting ready for the event

Getting ready for the event


The steps to Google

The steps to Google


Paddy Flynn, Google & John Phelan (DublinBIC)

Paddy Flynn, Director Product Quality Operations at Google with John Phelan of the Halo Business Angel Partnership


John Phelan (DublinBIC)opens the event

John Phelan of Dublin BIC opens the event



Tony Corrigan of Tenderscout

Tony Corrigan of Tenderscout enjoys the Google session


DublinBIC chairman Frank Roche with Rory Caren of IBM and John Phelan of Dublin BIC

Dublin BIC chairman Frank Roche with Rory Caren of IBM and John Phelan of the Halo Business Angel Partnership


John Phelan (DublinBIC) enjoys the tech expo at IBM

The IBM Tech expo gets off to a good start


Alexandra Rudl of bwcon leading the business modelling workshop for entrepreneurs

Alexandra Rudl and Corinna Voss of German innovation agency bwcon, lead the an entrepreneurial workshop on business modelling


Victor De Witt from Recipay enjoys the IBM tech expo

Victor De Witt of Luxembourg startup Recipay engages with the tech expo in IBM


Anthony Rafferty (PayPal) & John Phelan (DublinBIC)

Anthony Rafferty of PayPal prepares to present “The Future of Money”


Patrick Rahme of AllSquare pitches to investors

Patrick Rahme of All Square, a golfing platform, pitches to the audience


Judging Panel - Conor Carmody(DublinBIC),Gilles Le Cocguen (BPI France) Brigitte Baumann (Go Beyond)

Conor Carmody of Dublin BIC participates in the judging panel with Gilles Le Cocguen of BPI France and Brigitte Baumann of Go Beyond


Lucas Pedretti of Qymatix

Lucas Pedretti of Qymatix, a German sales analytics company, smiles for the camera.


Joana Soares of IPN and Heidi Corr of Dublin BIC moderate the pitch sessions

Heidi Corr from DublinBIC moderates the pitches with Joana Soares of Portuguese Innovation organisation Insituto Pedro Nunes.



Catherine Delevoye of Technoport leads the Deal Flows & Exit Strategy workshop

Catherine Delevoye of Luxembourg innovation agency Technoport, leads the group workshop on “Deal Flows & Exit Strategies”


Nadir Benouali - Medicadose - Final Pitch Battle

Nadir Benouli of French startup Medicadose presents in the final pitch battle.



Frank Devisme of Hanakai, a french startup in the creative sector, listens attentively.



Paul Quigley of Newswhip gets interviewed

Newship’s CEO Paul Quigley gets interviewed


IBM Case studies Tom Morrisoe of The Now Factory and Ronan Rooney of Curam

Tom Morrisoe of The Now Factoy and Ronan Rooney of Curam present as case studies to the event participants


True Pivot engages with the IBM Q&A session

An entrepreneur engages with the Q&A session


Gianluca Ferranti of Vivocha pitches to investors

Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Ferranti engages the audience to pitch his company Vivocha, recent winner of the 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Europe, 2013 IBM SmartCamp and White Bull and IAB competitions.


Paolo Anselmo (IBAN), Chris Dial (Microsoft), Desmond Fahey CEO DBIC, Sean Beirne -Angel Investor, Alex Hobbs -AIB Seed Fund -Final Judging Panel

The judging panel decide the final winner – Paolo Anselmo, president of Italian Business Angel Network is joined by Chris Dial of Microsoft, Des Fahey of Dublin BIC, Sean Beirne of Halo Business Angel Partnership and Alex Hobbs, fund manager for the AIB Seed Capital Fund.


Desmond Fahey (CEO, DublinBIC) Welcomes participants in the Gravity bar

Desmond Fahey, CEO of Dublin BIC welcomes the participants to the networking dinner


Fosca & Romain Sanviti relax at the networking dinner

Entrepreneurs from Italian startup PostGol enjoy the view of the city from the Gravity Bar


Tara Beshoff (DublinBIC) with Dhinakar Subramani of Bizbase

Tara Beshoff, the event project manager with Dhinakar Subramani from Bizbase


DublinBIC Chairmen Frank Roche, David Varian & CEO Des Faheywith members of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation - Padraig Hennessy and Wendy Grey

Wendy Grey and Padraig Hennessy of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation join Guinness Enterprise Centre board member David Varian together with Dublin BIC chairman Frank Roche and CEO Des Fahey for the networking dinner.


Event winners Seabery enjoying a pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar

Pitch battle winners Seabery enjoy a pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar.


Desmond Fahey, CEO DublinBIC, congratulates the event winners Alejandro Villarán Vázquez & Basilio Marquinez of Seabery

Alejandro Villarán Vázquez & Basilio Marquinez of Spanish startup Seabery get presented with the prize!