Coindrum Expansion

15 January 2015 – Airport innovation “Coindrum” rapidly expands into Ireland West Airport Knock after recent Dublin Airport launch.

Life for passengers travelling through Ireland West Airport Knock is about to get a lot more interesting as a free service is introduced which will allow them convert unwanted Euro coins into shopping vouchers for use in the local airport retailer Shop West. The “Coindrum” innovation, a Dublin BIC client company that only recently celebrated its debut in Dublin Airport, is the brainchild of Irish-based German wunderkind Lukas Decker (26) and is backed by Ryanair Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Irelandia Aviation Declan Ryan. The expanding business will provide a welcome boost for the local travel retail operation as more passengers are incentivised to shop, whilst also solving their coin inconvenience.

The self-service machines can be used by passengers for free to deposit all unwanted coins before departing to mostly UK destinations, where Euro coins would otherwise turn into a nuisance. Customers are immediately reimbursed with a voucher that can be spent in Shop West, the local airport retailer. The proposition was first established in Dublin Airport last month where a strong user uptake and the win-win nature of the proposition contributed to the flood of enquiries by airports and travel retailers around the world. Founder and CEO of the start-up Lukas Decker commented: ”Our automated service is a fantastic tool for any travel retailer or airport looking to drive retail revenue and people love the convenience of the service, which is completely free to them.”

Ireland West Airport Knock experienced the busiest year of its 29-year history in 2014 with over 700,000 passengers. Coupled with the overwhelming proportion of travellers heading towards the UK and leaving the Euro currency area, the airport is a great match for Coindrum. Donal Healy, Marketing Manager at Ireland West Airport Knock stated: “We quickly realised the need for this service, both from the perspective of our customers as well as in terms of further optimising our retail business.”

Coindrum has secured an array of leading financial and technology partners to pave the way for its global expansion ambitions and is also hoping to add its first charity donation option in the near future. Several major international charities have already partnered with the company for future collaborations.


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