Investment Training for Tech Entrepreneurs

16 February 2015 – The European Investor Gate project (EIG) is a pan-European investment preparation initiative that aims to increase the “Investor-readiness” of tech start-ups.  Dublin BIC, as a project partner, would like to highlight a series of online training materials that have been made available through the project.

The sessions are run by Go Beyond, an international investor network, and include materials developed with and through their community of investors.  The webinar sessions are live and include the participation of the network CEO together with members of the investment community.

The materials (podcasts and webinars) are aimed at tech entrepreneurs seeking investment, covering a range of topics such as:

  • Early stage financing methods
  • Deal flow
  • Exit strategies
  • The negotiation process

The normal retail value of the session is €350 BUT can be accessed for free as per the following clause:

Part 1 of webinar:            Anyone can join

Part 2 of webinar:           Must register as a member of the EIG Community on EuroQuity (A European Investment matchmaking platform that hosts 4500 companies, 6500 investors).

Please see the full schedule of trainings here:  Investment Training for Entrepreneurs – EIG Project

If you have any queries, contact