France Launches a New Tech Visa

01 July 2015 – France, in the Global race to lure the best entrepreneurs, is launching the French Tech Ticket, effectively a visa aimed at the tech community.  The initiative, in alliance with the city of Paris, provides foreign entrepreneurs with a work visa, between US$14,000 and US$28,000 for each team member, free office space in an incubator and an English-speaking administrative adviser.

The French Tech Ticket kicks off in January 2016 and prospective start-ups must be willing to start up, speak English and stay at least six months in France. Every six months at least 50 people will be awarded the French Tech Ticket.

The move is similar to that of Chile, where every six months dozens of teams are granted a visa, a US$32,000 grant and free mentorship.

The move re-enforces the understanding of linkages between entrepreneurship, technology and sustained economic growth.

Source: John Kennedy, Silicon Republic, 01 July 2015