Investment readiness & access to funding

ebntrainingheaderYou may be hosting some of the best & highest-potential start-ups/SMEs in your EU|BIC but if your entrepreneurs are not able to pitch their businesses in the right way, they will fail to earn external funding to develop their businesses. It is essential that you teach your entrepreneurs how to best provide an appropriate structure, reveal relevant information and portray confidence to investors to help them achieve external funds that will help their ventures grow and expand.

The training will be structured according to two main modules, the first focusing on the initial stages of prepping for investor pitches, the second on how to teach your entrepreneurs to look for the right types of funding opportunities for them at a later stage. Thus the first module will focus on how to get entrepreneurs ‘pitch-ready’ (team, structure, documentation), understand their investors (how they think and what they seek), learn how to engage with them (language, attitude, responses) and what to expect from the future in terms of outcomes (shareholder agreements, etc). The second module will cover the services required to aid SMEs which are at the a later stage of development than the first module ones and which require alternative cash inflows such as that coming from capital ventures, thus how to appeal to these types of investors and make them believe in the future & sustainability of your business.

The trainers will deliver a very practical and interactive training, using case studies and examples that will allow you to best tailor your EUBICs efforts and services in getting your clients ready and active in the fund-finding challenge!  Register here