Starting your business

You have a business idea that has commercial potential; you’ve done some homework researching the market and validating your idea; and you have the skills and passion to start and run your own company.

If this is you and you are now considering taking the next step and becoming an entrepreneur, Dublin Business Innovation Centre offers a range of supports that will help you make the best start and hopefully turn your idea into a high potential start up.

Business Planning Assistance

A business plan is an essential tool for any organisation, from pre-start up to multi national. It’s the first thing potential partners, investors, banks or grant aid bodies will ask to see. The business planning process can have enormous value in helping an entrepreneur challenge assumptions and identify gaps, in effect strengthening your proposition.

A business plan at its most basic will clearly articulate your business proposition, your objectives, how you plan to achieve your objectives, your financial requirements and projections.

Starting to write a business plan can be daunting. Dublin BIC has developed a business planning guide which provides a business plan model along with explanations, advice and tips for writing the best plan for your business at your stage of development.

Download Dublin BIC Business Planning Guide

Download Dublin BIC Slide Deck Template

Enterprise Start 2

Enterprise Start 2 is a six week programme specifically developed to challenge and validate business ideas. It aims to help entrepreneurs clarify their business proposition with particular focus on value proposition, market opportunity, market analysis and sales potential through group workshops and one-to-one mentoring.

Enterprise Start is designed for entrepreneurs or early stage start up companies that have a business idea but need to develop it to a point where it can be considered by Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-Up team.

Enterprise START 2 – Challenging and Validating your Business Idea

Consultation Services

Dublin BIC has a team of 14 business consultants who mentor individual entrepreneurs and developing enterprises. They bring many years experience of starting and growing businesses to the table where they play a crucial role of sounding board and, at times, Devil’s advocate. They provide advice, feedback and contacts and are an invaluable support to aspiring entrepreneurs in those challenging early days.

The Dublin BIC Entrepreneurship Series

The Dublin BIC Entrepreneurship Series is a seminar style forum where high profile entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial journeys or where a business issue or trend is identified and addressed through information provision, discussion and expert advice.

Past events include “ Facebook – platform to build successful businesses”, “YouTube – partner programme and monnitizing content” and “Serious Games – potential and opportunities in serious games”

Entrepreneurs Talking

To hear first hand about the journeys of successful entrepreneurs that received support from DBIC, click onto videos testimonials

Starting Your Own Business Video Series

As part of AIB’s Big Drive for Small Business initiative, Dublin BIC has produced a series of short videos offering advice to early stage start-ups on a range of topics  including planning, sales, finance and marketing.

Click here to access Starting Your Own Business Video Series

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